I'm sure you have heard many times that water is essential. Did you know that the body is made up of over 60% water? It helps keep the skin nice, flushes stuff out, and lubricates your joints, as well as your eyes.
There are lots of different types of bottled water, for example spring water and purified water. Spring water comes from the spring, and it is collected there, while purified water is water that experiences different purifying systems (like reverse osmosis, distillation and deionization) and it is then bottled. 
You can also filter your personal tap water in your own home. Then, you will find "fancier" waters like artesian water, that can come from a well that's tapped into a confined aquifer.

As far as that is best, I don't fully realize for sure. There are so many thoughts about it. For me, I just realize water is preferable to drinking sugary drinks all day long (including fake sugar). I can state that, by right now, when I purchase bottled water I search for spring water due to the fact it just type of makes sense in my experience that this really is/was an all natural way of having water. 
If I aren't seeing this water available, I'll just get any water (maybe reverse osmosis). I also possess a purifier in your own home, basically I just stay hydrated.

Signs of lacking enough water (or dehydration) may include: fatigue, dried-out skin, headaches, confusion, constipation, and muscle cramps. It is important to not hold back until you are thirsty to stay hydrated and sometimes people may mistake a hunger cramp with thirst. Water is big in weight reduction. It helps clean out the body and also reduces hunger.

Now, now you ask , "How much should I drink?" I think this really is too vague of the question with an exact answer. There are a lot of variables involved. For instance, whereby the world do you live? What's unwanted weight? 
Do you possess a physical job? Do you exercise, drink caffeine or alcohol? Many people recommend eight glasses each day, but when you answered yes with a of those last questions, it might be recommended to improve that intake.

I realize some possess a hard time h2o. I can get fed up with it, too. I like to add fresh lemon juice and stevia sometimes, which creates nice, refreshing lemonade.

I do enjoy good quality tea. These are ones that I make in your own home with tea bags and you will do both cold and hot. I wouldn't say I'm a huge tea fanatic or anything, but I definitely appreciate it. Some are naturally caffeinated, which might benefit lots of people looking for another way to get caffeine.

Another thing which has helped me to get my intake of water is a good bottle. It helps a lot having a good bottle that keeps your water in a good temperature for a long period. I recommend an insulated stainless bottle.

Whichever way you choose to get it, be sure you drink enough water daily!

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