Losing Weight is My Quest To Become Healthier


Losing Weight is My Quest To Become Healthier

Losing weight. It's a goal a lot of us have. I have struggled with my weight for a long period, but was not able to do anything about this where I was at that time in my life; Bad habits and bad attitudes thrived, as well as for 15 years I was only shadow of my former self. A very large, round shadow.
But I wasn't happy. I hadn't been for a long period. I accustomed to do such things as practice fighting techinques, ride bicycles and skateboards, and walk for miles everyday. But one day I awoke to realize healthy habits have been replaced by hours of sitting in front from the TV gaming, or chatting on the pc, eating unhealthy foods by the handful. I could no more recognize myself.

I weighed over 330 lbs. Ordinary bathroom scales would no more weigh me. I decided to create a change.

Changing My Life

I needed to do something, but what? I needed to create big changes to get to my true self, to my true personality. I had lived too much time as another person and required to find my real self again.

So, on January 28, I gone to live in Colorado. The change of scenery has been doing wonders for my outlook, attitude, and my eagerness to awaken in the morning. It has also given me the chance to completely revamp the way in which I eat, and change my lifestyle habits.

Changing How I Eat

The initial step in taking control of my health back was eliminating sodas from my daily intake of food. I began h2o instead, after some fruit juice from time to time. Within days I began feeling better, coupled with more energy.

I also limited my salt intake. Now, don't get me wrong, lots of foods are ready with seasoning; I just stopped grabbing the salt shaker and powdering my plate at each meal. This might be the toughest thing I've eliminated. I love salt. But an excessive amount of is bad for the heart and can cause you to retain water. By the time the very first week of February was over, I had lost nearly 10 pounds.

I also stopped eating unhealthy snacks. I was no more eating chips and candy regularly. Instead, I began eating fruits and nuts if I wanted a snack, as well as then, I limited the amounts I was eating.

I also limited my intake of fats and meats, instead having chicken or pork and vegetables. Beans and rice and soups also have become staples of mealtime.

By the finish of the second week of February, I had lost nearly 15 pounds.

Changing My Lifestyle

Once in Colorado, I was captivated through the inherent beauty from the area and also the great attitudes and kindness from the locals. I could really escape and enjoy this place. Instead of watching TV all night, I began to go to local parks just to walk around anyway, or visit some from the local shops, going through the town on foot.

I started to exercise quickly after getting to Colorado Springs. I took it easy in the beginning, mostly stretching and walking, but after a couple of weeks, I began doing such things as sit ups, squats, and pushups in addition to travelling.

The change during my lifestyle, together with making better food decisions, was starting to have real health advantages. By the beginning of March I had lost about 30 pounds. Bathroom scales began showing my weight again.

I was feeling great, looking much better.

Sticking With It

Of course, the toughest thing about creating the decision to improve your health is staying with it.

It's too simple for people (myself included) to fall back to bad habits. I usually see myself thinking "I could just pop into this handy junk food restaurant for any burger along with a shake, it's not going to hurt." And, that's probably true. I could probably have one burger, or one shake and become fine. But my issue is I can't visit just one. I'd wind up there 3 or 4 times per week, and before very long all my progress is going to be replaced with all my improper habits taking over again.

Besides, I've made my new lifestyle fun. That does wonders for keeping me motivated within the right direction. I greatly benefit from the fresh, tasty and healthy food I'm eating now. I also like to exercise; I'll come out of bed nowadays, switch on my favorite music and through the time I finish my meager morning workout (a good hours worth) I'm invigorated and able to get the day started.

Now, as March is ending, I'm at 280 pounds. I'm still a significant way from transpire of 230 pounds, but I am happy with the results I've gotten to date. I move better. I breathe better. I feel and look better. I'm successfully reinventing myself.
And I now realize that nothing is from my reach, so long as I'm prepared to work toward it.

One of my teachers accustomed to say: "Remember to maneuver and do, it's plenty of fun and healthy for you!"

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